Friday, July 25, 2008


WE ARE FINALLY HERE!!!! You know how when you fly somewhere and you have to use more than one plane to get there you can't really relax until you are on the last leg of your journey or you have finally arrived. I guess that is how our summer has been. We have had a lot of fun and have enjoyed a lot of different company, but it is so nice to not have to go anywhere for a while. To get everyone up to speed once we got back to the east coast from Alaska we met with a Realtor to help us find a place to live. the next day we signed a lease for a nice townhouse in Reisterstown Maryland. We went back to Bueana Vista to get our stuff and tie up a few loose ends and then we said goodbye to the BV chapter of our lives and moved to Maryland. Before we left we had one more trip to Boxerwood Gardens in Lexington for a little fun. The Manager there built a huge slip-in-slide and the kids (myself included) had a blast.
The Kids had fun playing with old friends and being once again in familiar surroundings. It wouldn't last long though because after about five days we were off again.
I thought I'd post some pictures of our townhouse. It is a Two bedroom 2.5 bath almost 1500 sq. feet. This is our front door. we share a stoop with the home below us. If you were to ring our door bell and then turn around to look at our "front yard" you would see: Our garage is on the lower level and to get to our living room you have to climb two flights of stairs and then another flight to get to our bedrooms. Kevin and I were on our own moving everything for the first 2-3 hours, then some help came from our new ward. We were really grateful because there was no way Kevin and I could move our furniture by our selves. These are the stairs leading down from the front door to the garage. These are the stairs leading to our Living room This is our living room. Please remember we are still moving so there are boxes everywhere and our pictures aren't all up. Kitchen and Family room
This is the kids room We are really happy with Riesterstown. There is a grocery store behind our complex. The elementary school is really close and so is the local library. We could walk if we wanted! (on a cooler day) The kids are adjusting and Kevin is getting excited for school to start soon. August will bring a lot of new and excited things.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Alaska Fishing Trip

As our visit to Alaska comes to a close we found one more reason to make the trip down to our family cabin on the Kenai (pronounced Keeni) River. After we finished a few tasks around the cabin Great Grampa Parks, Grampa Parks, Uncle Tyler, Jared, and myself went for a short fishing trip down to our favorite trout hole called Grayhouse. It's okay to name the location of our hole since it is unlikely that our readers will be coming to AK and there are many gray houses on the Kenai River. Jared caught the first three fish. Then we gave Great Grampa Parks, who turns 89 this year, the lucky rod and hole and he caught two more while Grampa Parks and Uncle Tyler were skunked. Needless to say, Jared had a great time!

Friday, July 11, 2008


Well, we finally are able to post some pictures of the summer. June 10th the kids, Sonnet, and I drove to Indiannappolis to meet Kevin, but not until after Jared graduated from Kindergarden. They had a really cute program with singing and awards. Jared got 5 awards! Yes, yes I know I'm bragging, but what can I say I am a proud mama! Jared's teacher cried when Jared hugged her goodbye. It was so sweet.
After a few days with Kevin in Indiannappolis the kids, Sonnet and I drove to Missuri to visit our Brother and his family. We had a blast playing visiting Siver Dollar City and White water. It was so much fun to watch the kids play with their cousins.

We are now all in Alaska and are having a great time. We have been to the cabin and hangin' around the house. We will be back to the blog world when we get back to the east coast.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hanging out in AK

We are in AK at the moment and loving it. We have already been to the cabin, gone 4 wheeling, and fishing. Jared caught a trout and even though it was small by Alaska standards he wanted to cook it and eat it. Anna has latched onto Grandma and wont let go. We have had a fun time visiting with everyone so far. Ryan and Lacey made it up with their little one Rafe. Kristen and Hyrum made it up with their little puppy and he is keeping the kids entertained. Scott came up with a surprise for everyone...a fiance! Meridith seems really nice and they are planning on a December wedding. Josh got his mission call just before everyone came up and let us all know when we got here that he is going to the Salt Lake City, UT mission. So far we are having a great time catching up with everyone and playing games. Some day soon I hope to put up some pictures, but until then you will just have to use your imaginations and picture us in a majestic frontier world with amazing wildlife (the kind that walks on two legs and goes by the name of Parks)