Monday, May 26, 2008

Just a Regular Post

Memorial Day was so much fun. Kevin was in town for the weekend and we had fun lots of fun. Sunday was a nice quiet relaxing day. We went to church and spent the rest of the day playing and relaxing together. Monday began with a trip to Lowes and Walmart. We needed to replace a pipe that connects our outside hose to the water supply in the house. The project didn't take long and we were soon off to play at our friends the Jaques house. They invited us over so the kids could have a water balloon fight and then they got out their slippin slide.
We had a BBQ later and then went to Jared's t-ball game. The game was canceled due to rain, but it let up fast and Kevin, Jared, and a few other people went out and let the kids hit the ball and play a little game for fun. We have really enjoyed our fun weekend with Kevin and can't wait to see him soon in Indianapolis

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Count Down Continues-Mrs. Edna Berry

We have a lot of really great neighbors, but there is one who stands out and that is Mrs. Berry. She is our 87 year old next door neighbor. When we first moved onto the block our neighbors on the other side and several across the street came and introduced themselves and then warned us about Mrs. Berry and her parking spot. We all have quirks and Mrs. Berry is no exception. Hers is her parking spot. If anyone parks in front of her house she (within 2 minutes) has a note taped to the windshield notifying the driver that she needs this spot for her family and friends. You see Mrs. Berry does not own a car, but she lives alone and wants to make sure any guest of hers would have a parking spot. Sure enough when we first met Mrs. Berry she said, "Hi I'm Edna Berry. I am a Baptist, but my daughter is a Mormon." (side note-everyone introduces themselves in reference to their religion. I could tell you where everyone on my block goes to church because that was one of the first things they ever told us about themselves) After giving us the essentials she then began to explain that the area in front of her house was for her family and friends and she would appreciate it if we would not park there. We didn't mind since we had a driveway and didn't want to upset her since she seemed like a nice elderly lady who was just a little lonely for company.
Since our first meeting she has become endearing to us. She absolutely adores Jared and Anna. She remembers their Birthdays with a present. She brings them an Easter basket every Easter and a Christmas gift every Christmas. She makes a special Halloween goodie bag for them when they go trick or treating and several times a week after asking me, "Have the children had their ev'nin meal?" (very southern accent) she gives the kids some candy. She says she loves to watch them when they play outside because "they lift her up." She has always said she hoped she would die before we ever moved away. The kids and I made a special trip to her house a few months ago to let her know we were moving. It was hard for her, but true to that old southern pride she took a deep breath and said, "God wills us and we follow." She is really an amazing lady and we will miss her like I'm sure she will miss us.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Count Down Continues-Enderly Hieghts Elementary

We love Jared's elementary school. His teacher, Mrs. Royer, is great and really loves Jared. The principle, Mr. Walters, knows every kids name and who their parents are by the end of the third day of school. Jared is our sensitive one and he cries if his class gets in trouble and has time on the line at recess. One day when this happened Mr. Walters, knowing that Jared didn't do anything to get the class in trouble, stood in the line with his hand on Jared's shoulder and when the time was up he patted Jared on the back and said, "It's ok Jared go play and have fun." Isn't that awesome!
I went with Jared on a class field trip today to The Natural Bridge. It was a lot of fun. Let me just say though that teachers are not payed enough. I'm not sure what the going rate is these days for a teachers salary, but anyone who works all day to educate kindergartners deserves well more than 10 times the amount they currently are getting. Man! Those kids are a handful! They are stayed out of a reasonably amount of trouble and ended up having a good time. It was fun to spend the day with Jared and his class.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Count Down Continues-Cool Summer Nights and Lighting Bugs

Nothing beats relaxing on the front porch on a cool summer night in June. The afternoon humidity made the heat unbearable, but when the sun starts to go down it cools the air making outside the only place to be. Of coarse everyone is out on their front porch or out walking so you end up hailing the Buena Vista wave (see previous post) all night long, but that really doesn't bother you. It is like a scene off of the Andy Griffith Show (the all time best t.v. series ever!) Dinner is over and the dishes are put away everyone sitting on the front porch swing, rocker, steps, or bench. All that is missing is someone strumming their guitar (said with a southern accent) I've always said there are two kind of people: back yard people and front yard people. Well, The whole Buena Vista City are front yard people. June happens to be the best time relax in the evening because the kids are entertained by running around the grass in pursuit of lightning bugs. Jared and Anna have fallen asleep to many a lightning bug glowing in a jar by their beds. Lighting bugs (or fireflies what ever you know them by) simply make me smile. I don't know why, but nothing beats sitting on the front porch on a cool summer night waving to the neigh boors while watching your kids giggle like kids in a candy shop as they chase after lightning bugs.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Count Down Continues-BVP&R

Buena Vista Parks and Rec.
We love the city little leagues! So far Jared has gotten to play soccer and T-ball. T-ball, along with others like basketball, softball, football, and volleyball have been around Buena Vista for as long as anyone can remember, but soccer is relatively new. Deidre Dryden (my very first SVU soccer coach) went to Phil Patterson (the director) and said, "We need to provide a soccer league for this area." Mr Patterson said, "OK Deidre. How do you propose we do it?" And a little while latter we had a city soccer clinic. It was amazing how many people turned out. I have volunteered a few different times to help run the clinics and coach a team. Jared has loved playing on the different teams and has already asked if he will get to play soccer, basketball, and baseball in our new town. I'm sure there will be some really great leagues in Baltimore, but we will sure miss our little town parks and rec.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Count Down Continues-The Buena Vista Wave

I know I have been slacking on my post and I apologize. There have been a few "friendly" reminders so here I continue...
The Buena Vista wave has two references. One I will not miss because it has to do with BV's first residents the all intrusive gnat. If you happen to drive by and see two people talking out side waving their hands back and forth at each other be rest assured they are not having an argument or talking in sign language. You have just witnessed the ever famous BV wave. Come May through September the gnats are out in full force and the only way to endure being outside is to wave your hands continuously across your face. This particular wave I will not miss, however the other kind I will miss.
If you happen to drive through Buena Vista and the people walking down the street or driving the opposite direction wave at you don't think your lights are off or you have a flat tire or that they are is just Southern hospitality. Buena Vistans drive their cars with both hands on the top of the steering wheel so that when they pass another car or dive past someone walking on the street they can lift one hand and offer a friendly hello. It doesn't matter if they know the person they offer salutations to. It doesn't even matter if they like the person or not it is simply common courtesy to acknowledge the people that cross your path.
I remember visiting California about a year ago and my family went on an evening walk around the neighborhood. We passed several people on our walk and without realizing it I had waved or said, "good ev'nin'" (yes with a southern accent). Someone finally told me to stop acknowledging strangers because they either are crazy or think I'm crazy. I guess I had never really thought about it before.
I love that the people in Buena Vista take the time to acknowledge each other. It builds community spirit and ownership. So if you happen to drive past a blue Saturn and the driver waves don't worry you don't have a flat it is just that crazy Buena Vistan Tiffany Parks saying hello.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Count Down Continues-Penny Park

Penny Park is named after the penny drive the local schools held to help fund raise for the park. It is only two blocks from our house and we love to walk down to play and picnic. We even got to help build the park. There was a community event and everyone helped shovel dirt and put the playground equipment together. When I was coaching the college soccer team I would take the team down to weed the mulch as a service project. Anna and I went there this afternoon to play and have lunch. Some birds have built nest in the overhangs of the pavilion and Anna watched for about 20 minutes the momma and daddy birds feeding their babies.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Good Bye Buena Vista

Ok so I know this is a little sad and sentimental, but I watched Steel Magnolias the other day and it put me in this kind of mood. I'm going to have a little count down from now until the time we leave of what I love and will miss the most about Buena Vista. Kevin and I have lived here on and off for the past ten years and we have both grown to love this place and the people who live here. So todays item is our house. This is the first house we ever bought and have we have put lots of work into improving it. When we first bought the house we refinished the basement. We tore out some walls and built new ones. Redid all the flooring and paint. We also had some electrical fixes to make. It was a lot of work but it payed off. Since the initial revamp of the basement we have had some "normal" wear and tear projects that have kept us busy. Our other major projects included remodeling the bathroom and refinishing the hardwood floors upstairs. We have painted the whole house a couple of times including our knotty pine paneling. We added a veggie garden in the back yard and have had a few different landscaping projects here and there. It is an older house with many problems that come with an older house, but we made it ours and I am really going to miss it. One positive thing is that we have decided not to sell the house. We are going to rent it out that way if I can convince Kevin to move back to Buena Vista we will still have a house to come back to. But in the meantime I will miss 2027 Maple Ave, Buena Vista, VA 24416.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Just for Dad

For those who don't know. Kevin has been working in Indianapolis for the summer. He has been gone a couple of weeks and we miss him so much! The kids and I will go out and meet him in June after Jared is done with school. My sister Sonnet is going to drive out with me and then we will go and visit our brother in Missouri. After that vacation we are headed off to Alaska to visit Kevin's family. The summer will be full of lots of fun and family, but for now we are really missing our Dad! So Honey- We miss you and can't wait to see you. Keep up the good work!-Love Tiffany, Jared, and Anna
Jared has started practicing for T-ball so here are some pictures of him playing