Sunday, March 23, 2008


We have had many Easter activities this last week. Jared had two at school and Anna had one with our ward play group. On Thursday we went up to the SVU Easter Egg hunt. Jared and Anna had fun hunting for eggs, decorating cupcakes and petting a real bunny

The kids had fun decorating the eggs. Anna would dip one egg in all the different colors creating really great brown eggs. Jared took the whole thing very seriously and branched out to create multi colored eggs.

Easter morning was a blast. The kids woke us up and Kevin checked to see if the Easter Bunny had visited. He called the kids out and the egg hunt began. We added pictures of Christ to the inside of the eggs this year and the kids made little books with the pictures. It was a nice slow morning...well, except for the running, laughing, and shouts of joy during the egg hunt. (Notice the finished floor project in this picture)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Crazy Week and a Half

A lot has happened since our last post.  Monday we moved all our furniture into the laundry room, kitchen, bathrooms, and front porch in preparation of refinishing our wood floors.  Kevin rented a sander and we got to work.  Just like everything else that was built 50 years ago our old varnish was meant to last forever.  It took about the whole day to sand the varnish up with coarse sand paper and then a fine sand paper.  Over the next few days we cleaned the floors and laid the new varnish.  The kids did great bouncing from one house to the next while we stayed with friends and they even pitched in and helped every now and then.  After a WEEK of being homeless we are back in our house.  Jared lost a tooth tonight and I thought I'd put up this picture.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Finally Spring

Well it looks like were are finally moving into Spring.  It warmed up to the 60's today so the kids were outside playing while I was teaching piano lessons.  After one lesson Anna comes in with blue all over her hands and on her face.  "What is that?" I ask.  "We found some paint," she replies.  "Show me,"  I say.  She takes me outside and takes me around to the side of the house where she as painted the bushes.  It seems that she got into the paint box and decided to decorate the outside.  In addition she and Jared painted their faces and pretended to be Indians in the forest.  Their imaginations are amazing.