Sunday, October 30, 2011


So we have had two birthdays this fall. The first was Anna's 7th birthday. She had a special guest visiting for her Birthday, Grandma Alaska. Anna picked out a sunflower cake and loved all the presents that she was given.

Anna Facts:
Favorite food: Fruit. Just about any kind
Favorite color: Pink
Favorite thing to do: Pick out her own "outfits" and play with the neighbors
Anna is playing on her first organized sports(soccer)team and is mostly concerned that she has matching ribbons in her hair for the games. She is our little prankster and we love her so much

For Jared's birthday it snowed! (It was snowing the day he was born too.) He loves anything Star Wars so I made him a Death Star ice cream cake. He said that was his favorite gift (love that boy) He is such a sweet boy.

Jared Facts:
Favorite food: Tomatoes hands down
Favorite color: Green and Orange
Favorite thing to do: Play his new Star Wars Monopoly game
Jared is also playing on a soccer team and so far is undefeated. He hasn't scored yet, but he has had several assist and loves putting his whole heart into every practice and game. He is also learning to play the trumpet. We are lucky to have him as part of our family.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We Love Grandma!

We Love Grandma at Dental School...

We Love Grandma in Philadelphia...

We Love Granmda picking apples...

We Love Grandma...

We had a lot of fun playing, watching soccer practices and games, taking in some history, riding the metro, picking apples, and just spending time with Grandma Alaska. We also got a bonus visit from Uncle Bubs. Anyone else want to come visit? We would love to have you!