Friday, June 26, 2009

No More Studying!

Kevin can finally relax. (If you call physical therapy three times a week, scout camp, and moving into a new place relaxation) He took the first part of the Dental Boards this past Wednesday in Roanoke Virginia and feels ok about his performance. He will be notified in about four weeks of the results. He had the choice to take the test at testing centers all over and chose to take it in VA so we could all go and visit our old stomping ground of Buena Vista. We stayed with some old friends the Mahaffeys (Thank your Michelle and Chad) and got to visit with some old friends from the area. I took the kids to the Lexington Library for story time and then Boxerwood Gardens afterward. It was about the hottest day of the summer so far, but the kids enjoyed playing at one of there favorite parks as well as seeing Mrs. Glory at the Library.
Of coarse we stopped by Franks (The Hot Dog Stand) for lunch and played with the Drydens afterwards. Later that evening we got to see Kevin's best friend and old missionary companion, Jeremy, his wife Coleen, and their son Charlie. Jeremy was running in a local race that evening and we went to cheer him on. Here is a picture of the old Comps and their kids. Ahh...aren't they so grown up. Before we came home we went to check out the new SVU sports field that was just finished. Although I am NOT a turf fan even I have to admit the field was beautiful. It is lined for Lacrosse, Football, and Soccer. This fall men and women's soccer games will be held there. So exciting.
We had a fun time with the visit and Kevin is definitely happy to have the boards behind him. Finally we can all least until Monday when Kevin heads off to Scout Camp.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Little American History

One of the great things about living on the East Coast is that there are many opportunities to visit historical sites. We are about 45 minutes away from Gettysburg, PA and today we decided to take the kids and visit the area. We made it to the visitors center first and all Anna wanted to do was to take a picture on a rock.

She and Jared both collect rocks and I think the opportunity to stand on this big rock could not be passed up. We didn't spend a whole lot of time in the visitors center, but long enough to take a picture with some artifacts that had been donated or found on the battle field. We recently just finished a Magic Tree House book that takes place during the Civil War and one of the characters in the book was a drum major. Jared and Anna thought it was cool to see an actual drum that was used during the Civil War.

After leaving the visitors center we drove around and saw a bit of the battle field and then stopped by the cemetery where Abraham Lincoln delivered the famous Gettysburg address.

I never knew the details that lead up to that address or really paid attention to the words, but I find they are particularly relevant today. Jared really found the cemetery interesting and asked a few questions about the address and the solders that are buried there.

On our way back to the car we met a solder and the kids didn't know what to think about him. Actually they were both a little terrified of him and didn't want to take the picture, but we convinced them that he was nice.

The kids enjoyed being outside and running around and Kevin enjoyed getting out of the house and taking a break from studying. We all enjoyed taking advantage of our proximity to a great historical landmark for our country.

Monday, June 1, 2009

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

This past week we have been here and there and a little bit of everywhere. We had a nice BBQ with some friends for Memorial Day. The weather held out for us and didn't rain till later. Kevin has been studying for the national boards that he will be taking June 9th. Wish him luck! Friday Anna, Audrey and I drove down to the D.C. Temple to meet up with my friend from college Kerianne and her kids before they headed back to California. I can't believe how big her kids have gotten. Kate and Anna use to play all the time. On the way to see them Anna says, "Kate is an old friend, but she is still my best friend." She was so excited to see her old friends.
Saturday we all headed for Oregon Ridge Park to get out of the house. It was a beautiful day and the kids needed some much needed breathing room to run around and be wild for an hour or two.

Audrey has gotten bigger and is really interacting with everyone. She laid for about an hour listening to Kevin read from the Ensign on Sunday and She loves to "talk" to Jared. Anna loves helping out with her and does a great job as a big sister.
Not much is planned for this week other than School for Jared, story time at the Library for Anna, me working on those pesky left over pregnancy pounds, and Kevin studying. Just a little of this and a little of that.