Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Someone turned THREE

Audrey celebrated her birthday with family and friends at our house.  She had an art party.  There was rock painting, marble painting, bubble painting, butterfly making, and hand print printing.

All she wanted for her birthday was to have her friends over to her house to play. Everyone had such a fun time.  We love Audrey so much.  She is so much fun and certainly keeps us on our toes.     

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Saturday we went over to some friends house for an Easter egg hunt. The kids loved running around in the sunshine finding all the eggs. Anna loves an egg hunt so much she started trading her candy for the other kids eggs so she could bring them home and have her own hunt. Such a funny girl.

Saturday evening we dyed eggs.

Sunday morning we found all the eggs the Easter Bunny left for us and headed to church where Kevin spoke and Tiffany played in a musical number.

After church and naps we headed outside for an egg hunt in our front yard with our so fun neighbors.

Happy Easter!

St. Patty's Day

The older kids went to school and Audrey had a St. Patrick's Day Party at our neighbors house. There were a lot of activities planned.
First off were crafts.
What party is complete without cupcakes!  This is Audrey with her best friend Katie Butler.  Katie lives two doors down and we are going to miss her so much!
The kids went outside for some finger play with jello.  Audrey got really into squishing the jello into mush.
Happy St. Patrick's Day

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Girls and Dad

This morning Tiffany took Jared to Hopkins for a study, no worries...Jared is on the control side of the study since he doesn't have ADHD or ADD. So this morning it has just been the girls and I. I have been wondering what we should do to past our time and enjoy the beautiful day. This is our first attempt at welcoming the new day...
Stay tuned to see what else we do today...
After constructing and demolition of our fort, Anna and Audrey confronted me with their sad little girl faces and said, "Dad, we're hungry." I relied, "what are you hungry for?" Anna whispered into Audrey's ear, "Chicken fries." Which is interpreted in our home as McDonald's chicken and fries. So off we went to satisfy our hunger.
I made the mistake of later mentioning milkshakes so later we went to Chick-filet for cookies and cream shakes. We savored the shakes on our way to the park.

What a great day with the girls!