Friday, May 25, 2007

Jared's Preschool Graduation

Jared graduated from St. John's Preschool this past Wednesday. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this past year we would walk the two blocks to and from school. His school is two blocks from the local park and three blocks from the Library. Every Friday his class would walk down to the Library for story time and to the park on particularly nice days. His favorite part of Preschool was craft time. He was sad for school to end, but is really looking forward to Kindergarden. His Elementary School had a Kindergarden screening a few weeks ago and he had so much fun meeting the teachers and some of the other kids. The teachers gave him a packet to work on over the summer and he begs for me to let him work on his "homework" every day. He is growing up so fast!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Father and Son Outing

Kevin and Jared loaded up the car and went to the annual Father/Sun camp out. Jared was so excited and being the thoughtful and organized kid he is he had a list of all the things he would need for the trip. He packed his own bag with clothes, balls, coloring books, pillow, blanket, and even his fishing pole. He supervised as I packed the food and loaded the car. As soon as Kevin got home from work they were ready to go. During the night they had a "visitor" (bear) snooping around their tent. After finding nothing interesting in Kevin and Jared's tent the bear found a cooler nearby and enjoyed its contents before leaving the campsite. This of coarse was Jared's highlight of the trip.