Monday, August 27, 2012


A couple of weeks ago we ventured about 45 min up the road to Hatchers Pass to pick some wild blueberries.  It was a beautiful day and we found enough berries to make a few muffin batches.
 A view from the pass down over Wasilla and Palmer. Eagle River is way across the valley to the right around those mountains. The peak in the middle is Pioneer Peak.
 Great idea to go picking Dad!
 Queen of the mountain!
 finding the berries.
  These hills behind us are covered with berries.  
Our first time blueberry picking was a success! 


Susan said...

Those hillsides look absolutely beautiful! What fun. Can't wait to see the sites ourselves.
Love to all, Mom

Rinez said...

You live in a truly beautiful, heavenly place!

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