Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lions, Tigers, and Bears...Oh My!

Well, not the lions but there were tigers and bears at the Alaska Zoo.
We met up with Allison, Ethan, Logan, Keith, Lincoln and Grandma for a nice sunny day at the Alaska Zoo. Our first stop was to see the seals and otters. Most of the animals were out.  The Alaska wolves impressed us the most because of their size.

Audrey and her cousin, Ethan, that is two days older than her riding in the stroller.
Anna's impression of a squirel

Jared and a Musk Ox

Jared, Lincoln, Anna, Audrey, and Ethan.

The weather has been so nice over the past week. We are loving being outside and soaking up the sun.


Susan said...

Now you have me curious – just how big are wolves? I picture them about the size of a German Shepherd. Are they bigger? Sure looked like a fun day.
Love, Mom

Parks Family said...

Mom- a German shepherd would be cowering with its tail between its legs in the presence of the Alaskan wolf. We didn't get any pictures but imagine a tiger and add a few inches in height. HUGE.

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